Strict Pull Ups
L3: 3-3-3-2 with weight building
L1: Negatives
L2: Strict
*10 min Cap

Kipping Pull Up EMOM 6
L1: 10 perfect Beat Swings with towel
L2: 10 perfect Beat Swings with pull
L3: 6-10 Kipping Pull Ups
L4: 6-10 UB Butterfly Pull Ups
L5:6-10 UB BF C2B
*6 Mins

Pain Cave Progressions:
8x400m [email protected] strong effort rest 1:30

Warm Up:
Basic Dynamic with shoulder bias:
High Knees
Butt Kickers
Bear Crawl
Bear Crawl Pull
Crab Walk
5 Mins*

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