Our Team

Sam Bray

KickStart Manager, Trainer

Coaching Credentials: CF-L1 Trainer, USAW Level 1

Favorite CrossFit Movement: Handstand Push Ups

My CrossFit Story: I first found CrossFit in 2016 in another attempt to lose weight after countless tries on different programs and stints at other gyms. Needless to say CrossFit not only helped me reach that initial goal of losing weight, but it has helped shape my life in nearly every aspect since then. Back when I first started out I couldn’t do a pull up, hold a handstand against a wall, or even overhead squat an empty barbell. Since then I have not only gone on to compete in CrossFit, but also nationally in weightlifting.  I have also received multiple different trainer certifications including the CrossFit Level 1 and USAW Level 1.

I fully believe in CrossFit in any stage of our fitness journey, whether it’s getting ourselves back to a point where we feel comfortable, or bringing ourselves to the next step inside or outside the gym. The saying that our needs don’t vary by kind, but rather by intensity is something that I really try to apply to my own training as well as when leading a class. My biggest piece of advice to anyone either starting off or looking for something different in the gym is that the journey is far greater, and more meaningful, than the end goal. It is the daily grind and challenges that keeps us coming back for more.

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