Wednesday 171115 “Zembiec”

Major Douglas Alexander Zembiec (April 14, 1973 – May 11, 2007), the “Lion of Fallujah” and also referred to as the “Unapologetic Warrior” was an officer in the United States Marine Corps and member of the CIA’s Special Activities Division’s Ground Branch who was killed in action while serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He is best known for his actions during Operation Vigilant Resolve, which were detailed in the book No True Glory: A Front-line Account of the Battle of Fallujah by Bing West and for an article that ran in the Wall Street Journal following his death.

11 Back Squats 185/125
7 Strict Burpee Pull Ups*
Run 400m
*During each burpee pull-up
perform a strict push-up,
jump to a bar that is ideally
12 inches above your
max standing reach,
and perform a strict pull-up.

Tuesday 171114 HSPU Workshop, Double Unders, HSPU, KB Swings

HSPU Workshop:
3 Rounds,rest 1 min between sets:
A1. Floor sit DB Press 6-8 Reps 31X1
A2. 3 kick ups+:30 HS Hold
A1. Pike Push up 6-8 Reps 31X1
A2. :60 HS Hold
A1. LROM SHSPU 6-8 Reps max 2 mats
A2. Seated DB Press 6-8 Reps 31X1
A1: Banded SHSPU 3-6 Reps
A2: 30ft HS WALK

50 Double Unders
10 KB SWINGS 70/53