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Joining CFM was the best decision I made this year. Absolutely amazing members and the coaching staff can’t be beat. Best community around and so much more than just a gym. All ages, abilities, and goals are met with enthusiasm and programming that will get you wherever it is you want to go. Can’t say enough how great this place is and how grateful I am to Pat and staff for running such a wonderful box!


I’m so happy that I decided to sign up for boot camp when I did. That initial step to make it official was challenging. And I was VERY intimidated going into the first day. I feel so great now and can’t believe the progress I made in 6 weeks! Having encouraging teammates and coaches makes all the difference and I look forward to continuing that as I begin CF!


Ran out of entries in my first CFM journal yesterday, just shy of a year belonging to the gym. It’s been incredible working out with everyone in this community and I’ve made so many friends, can’t wait to fill many more journals at the best gym on the planet!


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